Men's Natural Harmonic Inspired Ring - Audacity to Express Yourself

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This Natural Harmonic (or sometimes referred to as Open Note) Inspired Men's Ring was inspired by the Natural Harmonic Symbol and its meaning. 


 Natural Harmonic or Open note
On a stringed instrument, this symbol denotes that a natural  harmonic is to be played. On a valved brass instrument, denotes that the note is to be played "open" (without lowering any valve, or without mute). In organ music, this denotes that a pedal note is to be played with the heel.

This titanium ring is the inspiration you've been looking for to encourage you to be yourself. Find your own audacious and bold patterns; define your own norms; have the courage to speak your own truth.

In other words, let your "Natural Harmonic" side come center stage. Don't be afraid to speak your opinion, without "lowering a valve" or dapenning your tone. You'll be surprised that when you find your true voice and play your own open notes to the world, you'll inspire others to do the same. Don't mute yourself to conform to the world.

It takes raw courage to be yourself, especially in a world where you have to follow the multitudes. That's why this cubic zirconia both represents the open dot above the note and the uniqueness of being yourself in a world going in a different direction. 

Available in five sizes, from 8 to 12.


About this collection: Our music themed earrings are the perfect accessories that displays your passion for music combined with elegance and sophistication. This collection of earrings is not blaring out in jarring keyboards and eye-sore black and white notes, but subtle resemblances of music and how it deeply influences your life.  Please check out our selection of music inspired rings, too!



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