Music Pattern Necktie Musical

Treasured Symphony

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Tired of the boring black or blue tie? Why not impress your company with this luxury, polyester tie that showcases both your style and your love for music. This unique tie will make you stand out in the crowd, and certainly call attention to you unique style and passion for music. At the end of the tie, "Great is Our God" is written in stylish calligraphy. This tie is perfect for an elegant night out.

Available in both royal blue and burgundy.

This also makes a wonderful gift for a brother, father, uncle, or music teacher. Any who ho wears ties  would love to have this unique and fashionable accessory.

Note: Due to high demand, this item may take 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Since this is a unique product. it cannot be found in stores. Order yours today before we sell  out! 


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